Today, it’s almost impossible to go to places that friends haven’t already visited.

There are overflowing pictures of people doing shopping in Times Square, riding the iconic London red buses, or drowning in Bangkok’s food scene, as seen in Facebook’s feed.

Modern travelers visit the A-list cities around the world to cross them off their list, in fear of missing out.

As a result, locations like New York and London are expensive, crowded and overdone.

B-list cities as an alternative

Consider the B-list cities of the world. They are places that are probably not so glamorous and polished, but are fairly accessible and offer greater authentic experience for travelers.

As an example, the New York Times lately acknowledged the B-list city of Boston.

The city, which is home to Harvard University, has a chain of parks known as “Emerald Necklace” that features 16 American Revolution significant sites.

Second Cities

BBC Travel recently had an article written by Eric Weiner about “Second Cities”.

According to Eric, cities like Montreal, Canada or Krakow, Poland have nothing second rate about them. Second Cities provide wise travellers with many first-rate experiences.

They are easier to navigate, less crowded, and provide far less expectations compared to A-list cities.

According to him, think of those B-list cities and a few distinct images will come to mind. The blanks are good since having blank images lets one fill them in, he added.

B-list cities are appearing all over the world.

Consider going to Jaipur and explore its charms than going to New Delhi. Yogyakarta offers a distinct cultural experience that can’t be experienced when going to the clubs of Kuta. Osaka offers a breezy option to Tokyo’s fast-paced environment, and the food is also great.

Even in Australia, Hobart and Adelaide have many hidden gems for those looking to get away from the east coast cities of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Rather than going to the big cities, explore the lesser known ones instead.

Summing up

Even with a hotel promotion in Bangkok or in other major cities, there is still something more fascinating about B-list cities waiting to be explored.