Most self storage facilities like GoodStorageBristol started in the business when the internet was still trying to create its own identity. This is perhaps the reason why most facilities are slow in adopting technology. In many instances, a self storage facility will gain an edge over its competition by making use of the innovations in technology. Having a website is not enough, because the facility must gain awareness and a good online reputation.

Online reviews are very important because they can influence a customer to choose a facility over the other. Superior customer service is the key to gaining good reviews. It is always important to anticipate the needs of customers so that they will feel welcome and appreciated. They will only be too willing to provide good reviews.

Create a business card with links to URLs of review sites. When you know that a customer has had a pleasant experience with your service, hand him the business card and request for a review. You can also add links to review sites on your website. It is also important to monitor reviews and address them whether they are positive or negative.

Send an email to your tenants so that they will feel welcomed. If the tenant has issues encourage him to communicate with you directly so that he can vent his concerns. This will ensure that your online reputation will remain pristine.
A testimonial page on the website can increase conversions. For example, after the tenant pays his bills, add the module that opens to a survey with a comments section. Include a box that the tenant can check to provide permission to post any positive comments on the testimonial page.

Instant communication is now the trend. Make sure that customers know that they can communicate with the facility through text messaging, emails, Google Hangouts, Skype or Face Time. Simply ask the customer his platform of preference to be able to connect with staff in the self storage facility.

Management software is a single most important piece of technology for a self-storage facility. It provides immediate access to customer accounts, monthly deposits, unit inventory and rent rolls. The facility can be audited efficiently without worrying over human error.