Are illustrated maps useful? With the advancement of today’s technology, you might wonder why you should use an illustrated map instead of just going to Google maps immediately and locate your destination. You can certainly do this but if you really want to simplify things and make a feel of where you are going, then an illustrated map is recommended for you. Creating a customized map will simplify the designing stage and it will be easier for people to read. These illustrated maps will create fin statement, spark interest for your audience and flows effortlessly with the branding that you want to make. Whether you want to make colorful illustrations or clean lines, a custom map is the perfect way in elevating your design and making a mark.

Here are some recommendations on how to create an illustrated map.

  • Cut out unnecessary streets and instead place the focus on landmarks and the destinations that you want to emphasize. This will not only create an effective map but it will make it easier for the user to remember and decipher. The key in creating an illustrated map is simplicity so that you can highlight specific locations and landmarks.
  • Give the map a pop. Give it a bit of extra design in order to lift the face. An illustrated map will serve a very exciting graphic element and is the perfect place to inject something very interesting that would capture your audience’s interest.
  • Get your map branded. Keeping things fluid will make you look better. You can impress customers and clients with cohesiveness of your materials by presenting the map as a unified and solid front. It will win the trust of your customers which will give you more business.
  • Let your map inspire people. This is the primary purpose why you created a map in the first place. You should be an inspiration to other people just like Create something which will not only grab the attention of other people but that will potentially spark creative energy. It will always be great to know that you have created something which helped a lot of people.