Based on the results of a research made by WL Media HK that is helping businesses in Hong Kong to maximize their online presence, internet marketing techniques in Singapore are savvier than those used in Hong Kong. When it comes to digital marketing, Singapore firms are more significantly advanced.

According to report titled “Hong Kong an Internet Marketing Leader”, the more digital savvy exchange listed businesses must do better at promoting their companies online. For example, the free tool, Google MY Business which is one of the most popular marketing activity remains underutilized in the industry.

The research results also revealed that more than 7% of the listed businesses in Hong Kong have not registered their phone numbers with Google. This is unfortunate for customers because they cannot use the click-to-dial function in their mobile phones to be able to connect to a business. In Singapore, the results show that only 1.2% of businesses face the same issue.

Companies that list their business in Google Business can take advantage of one of the most basic ways to promote their business online. Listings also improve interactions with online customers and stakeholders. According to Raymond Lowe of WL Media HK, businesses in Hong Kong are looking at other digital marketing strategies instead of maximizing their online presence through Google in spite of Google’s dominance over all other search engines.

However, there is a reason why Google Business is underutilized in Hong Kong. Google products like Google Business Directory has very little or no relevance in China. Nevertheless, this approach of Hong Kong businesses impacts on their international online presence and brand equity. Google is very dominant as a search engine in Europe and the US that is why Hong Kong is falling behind countries like Singapore.

A lot of revenue and opportunity is missed when the Hong Kong businesses ignore the benefits provided by Google for their online marketing strategy. Aside from Google, businesses must also realize that social media is an indispensable element in their digital marketing campaigns. There are tools available to make sure that social media content can be easily managed and monitored across all devices.