Thanks to diet books authored by celebrities praising the hormone, the HCG diet has become very famous.

Judd Handler, a wellness consultant and also a freelance health writer, shares her thoughts regarding the HCG diet.

About the HCG hormone

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone used as a medical solution as early as 1950s.

Advocates of the HCG diet have claimed that the hormone has the ability to reset the body back to a healthy fat metabolizing capability. The hormones influence the body to get its energy from excess and abnormal fat only, leaving organs and muscles functioning healthily. Additionally, it effectively controls hunger while fat is burned quickly.

Around 1 – 3 pounds are lost each day on the HCG diet. HCG signals the brain’s hypothalamus to make use of fat stores.

The question of “Where to buy HCG drops” is something that is very controversial. HCG supplements are commonly sold in drops and in injections, which are more expensive. These drops can be bought in the internet. However, it has to be from reliable retailers since many are sold without the HCG hormone.

HCG supplementation and low calorie intake

HCG actively suppresses food cravings, and the energy requirements are fulfilled due to a quick fat metabolism.

The dieters’ bodies are acting like they are consuming more, even when they are eating less.

One website stated that even though only 500 calories are consumed, the body actually gets thousands of calories in order to meet the energy requirements from fat that is broken down. It added that once the diet is done, the body has already been re-tuned to take energy from excess fat.

The duration for the HCG diet

Most businesses mention that a cycle of about 40 days is needed for people that want to lose more than 25 pounds.

While some of the dieters fail on their first cycle, they are recommended to repeat the cycle after three weeks, or after six weeks if they are on the 42 day program.

The verdict

Handler said that it is still better to talk to a physician or a doctor before starting any diets, like the HCG diet.