On that day where a couple expects everything to be smooth, it can go all wrong.

It might rain, the limo might not show up, the guests might damage the marquee, or a couple might lose their rings.

There are many possible disasters on a wedding day, and while a lot of events go as planned, several unfortunate couples face the worst scenarios.

An insurance for the wedding day

Now, Kiwis are able to insure their wedding day for them to have a peace of mind in case something happens.

Dream Wedding Insurance recently made its website public. It is the first wedding insurance site in New Zealand intended for couples that want to get married either at home or abroad.

Stuart Catt, who is a co-founder of the company, mentioned that an average cost of weddings in New Zealand is greater than $30,000.

He added that the New Zealanders can already protect every payment or deposit made when planning their weddings.

Co-founder Graeme Dean mentioned that the brides and grooms-to-be must consider a wedding insurance, because they gave a lot of money in deposits to a venue, caterer, florist and other wedding suppliers prior to the big day.

They believe that their clients are going to feel more comfortable, confident in knowing that an insurance covers them against the unexpected.

The policies cover re-scheduling, cancellations, wedding attire, wedding transport, marquee damage, supplier failure, gifts, rings and public liability.

US wedding disasters

This is how the company covered US wedding disasters through its insurance.

A wedding photographer’s bag that contained rolls of picture got stolen in the reception. Reimbursed amount of $3000.

Reception site got sold and was shut down. Reimbursed amount of $13,367.38.

Bride and groom were held responsible for the damaged carpet during reception. Reimbursed amount of $5523.81.

The vendors for hair and make-up did not show up, including the deposits of the customer. Reimbursed amount of $2320.

Summing up

A wedding insurance is particularly important especially that anything can happen literally to anything, such as to the reception venue, the Marquee Hire in Sydney, band, flowers, dress, and so on. It is a peace of mind not just to couples getting married, but also to their family and friends.