Western Australia holds Australia’s title as “Home of Australia’s Most Expensive Tradies”, or at least it did. A recent renovation boom in Victoria and NSW combined with Western Australia’s property pricing loosening up a bit has led to WA losing its spot, according to a recent survey.

This new survey collected data from 52,000 job quotes from tradies across the country including electrician in Wynnum, taken from a site where people can advertise a job so that they can contact tradies. The site allows tradies to come in, give their quotes on the work, which the customer can then select from.

ServiceSeeking.com.au, the find-a-tradie site, then took the data and compared the hourly charge of tradies across the country in order to acquire an average labour cost across industries.

In 2017, Victorian plumbers dethroned their West Australian cousins, with a notable 21% spike to their hourly rates, which now sits at $91.21/hour, compared to the WA plumbers’ rate of $89.91/plumbers.

ServiceSeeking.com.au’s Chief Executive, Jeremy Levitt, said that WA has always been at the top of the list, particularly within the past few years, with some plumbers and electricians in WA charging more than $100/hour.

Due to the cooldown of WA’s resource boom and property prices have also gone down a bit. As a result, less people have been renovating, which means that tradies drive up their hourly rates in order to compensate.

WA however, didn’t fall down too much, sitting at 2nd and 3rd spot, with their plumber and electricians’ rates following Victoria’s plumbers. Those looking for a electrician in Wynnum should not expect cheap rates, as Queensland electricians round out the top 10 of the list. On the average, plumbers and electricians charge the most across the country.

The rates are as follows:

Industry/Location Hourly Rate(2018) Hourly Rate(2017) Rate of Change
1.       Plumbers (VIC) $91.21 $75.66 +21%
2.       Plumbers (WA) $89.91 $90.14 -1%
3.       Electricians (WA) $89.58 $88.59 +1%
4.       Plumbers(NSW) $85.98 $74.25 +16%
5.       Plumbers (QLD) $82.64 $79.77 +4%
6.       Plumbers (SA) $80.90 $82.43 -2%
7.       Electricians (NSW) $79,98 $73.64 +9%
8.       Electricians (SA) $79.13 $62.81 +26%
9.       Builders (SA) $77.76 $60.50 +29%
10.   Electrician (QLD) $75.15 $73.03 +3%