For those that browse the internet, bright ads with the words “Find out more here” are a common sight. They are just one of the few examples of digital marketing, a field rising in importance as people as technology advances.

Udacity, Sebastian Thrun’s profit-based educational organization, has recognized the importance of digital marketing, as well as robotics, which it revealed with its announcement yesterday, March 9, during the organization’s inaugural intersect conference. The online education site revealed its new additions to the Nanodegrees program: robotics and digital marketing.

The Nanodegrees program is Udacity’s answer to the education issues that are plaguing workers in America. The program offers a level of education for those that require something more than certificate-level. Whilst the program isn’t as strong of a standard as a complete degree, it does offer a level of assurance higher than your standard certificate.

The robotics nanodegree program offers students the chance to learn work viable knowledge about robotics, machine intelligence, as well as the software that allows it all to work efficiently. Robot enthusiasts will no doubt be interested, but the program requires a background in the following fields:

  • calculus
  • linear algebra
  • statistics
  • basic physics
  • Python, and
  • computer algorithms

The digital marketing program, however requires no prerequisite knowledge. Udacity is offering the program to anyone interested in learning about the up and coming field. As marketing becomes more and more high tech, digital marketing is becoming more and more important, and Udacity sees the importance in having workers, or potential workers possessing the knowledge needed to work in such a field.

Both programs will take three months to reach completion. Udacity has opened for applications for both nanodegree programs, starting last Wednesday, March 8, up to the 17th of April. A term on either program will set applicants back by $1,200.

Both programs are part of Udacity’s overarching goal to remedy education issues that are becoming a problem for companies everywhere. Working with their many hiring partners to develop programs best suited for the industry, Udacity seeks to connect prospective employees armed with the right education to the companies that need them.

Those interested in either the robotics and digital marketing fields now have the opportunity to learn more about cybernetic prostheses and “Find out more here” internet ads.