Internet marketing is all about conversion rate. This is important to every business and entrepreneurs venturing into the online world. Different ways have been tried and tested in order to achieve a higher conversion especially to beginning online businesses. Conversion is the goal of converting website visitors into customers and clients.

There are many tactics that can be adapted but the one thing that remains constant and proves to have the biggest impact when it comes to conversion is an excellent web design. What does it entails? A page that has all the right elements places strategically inside the website. Every website should have this when it comes to marketing strategy. This article will elaborate more on what are the major website elements that will gather more visitors and make them not just click the link to the site but also perform a call to action.

  • Important information should be seen in a single page. Do not give your visitors the slip by placing important information below the page wherein they will have to scroll down in order to view them. For a much better response, make sure that you have outlined the product benefits or client testimonials in a part of the page when it will be viewed upon landing. It is important to keep this in mind whether designing for both computer and mobile devices.
  • Simplicity is the key. It has been proven that a website with minimal designs have higher conversion compared to the rest. Distraction is the number one thing that should be avoided in a website. There are many things that could distract a visitor and make them forget about purchasing. The site should be straightforward from browsing, to purchasing until check out.
  • Show the product price if you can. There are many businesses that use the tactic of withholding the price of the product until they have made sure that the consumer understands and appreciates the benefits of the product, this is not applicable in online shopping.Visitors are more likely to decide whether to proceed or not with a call to action upon seeing the price so it should be placed boldly for easier access. This will have a bigger impact if products are discounted and the original price is set as a comparison to attract sales.

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