Selling your home is easier said than done especially if there are challenges in the current market. There are times when the supply of homes far outweighs the demand for it. This is when the competition is higher and some will resort to desperate measures. The trick in making sure that your condo will be bought sooner rather than later is to make sure that it stands out from the rest of the properties listed on the market. In order to catch the attention of the potential buyers, its most important feature should be highlighted such as its location, amenities and condition. If you want you can hire a local real estate agent that has more knowledge and experience than you do but if you want to take things on your own hands then that is also possible with these tips.

  • Set the property price in a competitive level. If you have a real estate agent then he or she will be able to look up for you data regarding previous sales and will be able to compare your unit to others in order to get a price list that will most likely catch the buyer’s attention.
  • The condo unit should be ready for new move ins. Based on a research, 63 per cent of the buyers are willing to add more to their budget if the condition of the unit is ready to be occupied.
  • If you are to compete with other condos located in other complexes then you should give emphasis on all the amenities that are available on your end. Many buyers are looking for condo units that have maintenance staff, a fitness gym as well as round the clock security.
  • Give emphasis on your condo’s location. Condos will likely be more expensive if they are located in close proximity to public transports, parks and grocery stores.
  • It is common to see home staging being done on a condo for sale in Bangkok. You will have to spend a little bit in order for buyers to get an idea of how they will live in the house but the return will be higher for you.