You may have developed an excellent mobile app but it will be all for nothing without users to download and install them. On the other hand, a well marketed mobile app does not guarantee success if the app itself is not something people need or want. Making an app for your website or your online shop will not attract new customers and will only catch the interest of your existing ones. It is important to develop something unique that will catch the attention of the public while using your company or brand name. Once you have established a great app, the next step would be to market it. There are many ways to spread the news about your mobile app and here are some tips on how to do them:

  • QR Codes. One way to convince smartphone users to try an app is to have a QR code that will make it easier for them to have access to the download and installation of the app. The code can be added on your website or printed in marketing materials such as brochures, posters on stores, business card and emails.
  • Mobile Advertising. Pay per click advertising is pretty common and make sure that your mobile app is being advertised in mobile devices. Google has a service that displays mobile ads on the search engine results of mobile users. This is one of the best ways to catch the attention of the public since most are always on their phone.
  • Social advertising. This is the best marketing strategy since there is an option to choose the target market that you want for your mobile app. It can be set depending on the demographics as well as the interests of the people on the social media. If the mobile app is developed for a certain target market then focus on them to make sure they see your ads on their social media apps and click on them.
  • Marketing agencies. If you are an app developer in Singapore and would like to have the word out of your mobile app faster and in a more professional method then there are services that you can hire such as the mobile app marketing agencies.