In ecommerce website design has always been important and there are many service providers to choose from in areas like Perth to help you improve your website, which will ultimately improve revenue generation. It is the website itself, aside from the marketing and advertising, which helps drive a positive revenue flow to the business. For those seeking to personally improve website design, here are a following tips:

1. Large fonts and photos

Website visitors are often visually oriented. Thus, having large fonts on the homepage together with large photos help grab the attention of the viewers and keeps them engaged and interested into what the website has to offer. The more attentive and engaged the visitor is, the longer he stays on the website. Viewers turn into potential customers for your business. So it’s always important to cater to the needs and interests of the viewers in order for them to finally become customers for your business.

2. Simple navigation

Tech products should always be user-friendly. It’s the same with websites. Ecommerce websites should somehow be user-friendly by being easy to navigate like having visible menus, submenus, and navigation links at the homepage, and going back to the first tip, they should probably have large fonts to make them easy to locate for the visitor. Filters are also imperative to assist the visitors in finding the product they want.

3. Grid layouts

According to Huffington Post, product-based businesses often use grid layouts for better user experience. User experience is always important for any business because it shows how much the user has enjoyed and how comfortable it was to visit the website. Remember, tip #2 says that the website should be easy to navigate. Having grid layouts helps the user to easily view each item in an organized and logical way.

4. Best-sellers

The homepage should highlight the best sellers of the business. Items that have been selling well in the past tend to sell well again. Directly pointing out these items on the homepage can help visitors to easily navigate themselves to the page of the product and get these items quickly instead of browsing through the items one-by-one.