Time management is about what things you are going to do first. But what if you have tons of things you need to do because for example, you are working single parent who has to work for 9 hours just to be able feed the needs of your children. Let’s face it. Time management is never easy or simple. Nowadays, time management is swiftly evolving as time and technology continue to change of this world we are living in right now. Gone are the days of procrastination and wasting time both voluntarily and involuntarily. There are time management hacks that are appropriate to today’s ever-changing lifestyle.  These hacks are specifically need to meet the time management needs of entrepreneurs who are seemingly lost at times when being thrown with huge amount of things to accomplish on a daily basis.


To begin with, the presence of new technology and up-to-date information are making managing your time more doable because of the presence of various mobile and web-based applications that enable users to track the things they need to do daily. Furthermore, experts have devised useful time management hacks in which they believe will benefit entrepreneurs of today the most. For example, of the hacks you must employing is having the mentality to start immediately without any delays. This is because if you don’t start something now, you won’t be able to achieve things in the future. In addition to this, drop your habit of making those nonsense excuses. Like it or not, if you continue to use those excuses for your failures to complete errands, then you are forever doomed not to be able to achieve greater things. Also, included in the time management hacks which can be very useful is the knowing the importance of having a daily rituals which you will do on a daily basis. This is a good practice especially for entrepreneurs because employing this specific hack in time management strategies will help you develop good habits and will help you also build up consistency because you are doing certain routines on a daily basis. Employing this hack will also enable you to discover certain aspects about yourself as you do routines.


Another useful hack that is helpful in today’s hectic lifestyle is by employing the system that is devised by Dan Sullivan. In this system, you will not use an application or anything. You only need to diligently follow everything that is written in the book. Included in this system is dividing your work week into three parts: “Focus Days” when you must do everything that you are best at, “Buffer Days” which can be spent for planning and scheduling future activities, and “Free Days” which can exclusively be used for you to enjoy not being worried about work.