Gone are the days when Honda used to equip its vehicles with high revving and naturally aspirate engines with four cylinders. It is a certainty that a lot of people will miss it. VTEC will no longer happen the way you remembered it with the previous sixth-generation ’99 Civic Si. People need to try the new Civic which is equipped with turbo four cylinders and has a capacity of 1.5 litre. It has a six speed stick which might make one think, how did I manage with the old engine?

Experiencing the new Civic Hatchback Sport is quite different because it has a centre exit exhaust. The Sport model is also equipped with six times higher horsepower, compared to other base model vehicles under Honda, which makes its total power to 180 hp. There is something refreshing about the car because of how pretty basic it is because it has no navigation and no heated seats or any type of luxury features to boast about. The most important thing is that it is one of the two trim level model there is together with the base model LC and both of the offers the capacity to do manual transmission.

Let’s talk more about the engine. While the tiny four-pot will never rival with the high-revving engine that is the old 9000-rom screamers from Honda, this one is impressive on its own because of the torque. To be specific, the torque created is 177 lb-ft coming from 1900 rpm and then moving up to 5000 rpm.

When it comes to the sub-3000-lb Civic Hatch, the engine is perfect for everyday use because it presents a lot of power. It can be surprising for anyone because of the fact that it has been downsized yet is able to provide plenty of power. One thing drivers must remember while driving is that they must be careful with their right foot in order to experience the fuel economy numbers to surpass the 40 mpg while on the highway.

With the creation of the Civic Sport, Honda has proved that it can create one amazing turbo motor. Honda’s engine has always been its most well-loved feature even in Honda bikes.