Years ago, the only place where you will be able to buy a swimwear is in a surf shop and the prints available are very limited when it comes to options.

This does not present a problem for a woman who is comfortable wearing anything and not choosy about the prints of their swimwear but it is a different story for those who have a preference for solid colours or subtler designs. In the past few years, there are a number of designers in New Zealand who introduced a wide variety of styles into the swimwear market.

Nowadays, you can hit the beach or surf depending on the mood you are in and don swimwears that are more like your style. This is all thanks to various brands including Emma Ford, Simma Studios, Moochi and Lonely.

It was in 2010 when Lonely decided to design her own lingerie line and in 2014 she decided to venture into the swimwear line. In the case of designer Helene Morris, she admitted that the brand naturally progressed into the stage of making swimwears.

She said that they have always wanted their customers to use Lonely design swimwears that they can use in various activities. She also added that they have many customers who are using the Lonely lingerie as swimwear during the time when they haven’t introduced their swim line yet.

The company also decided to venture into the swimwear category because of the resemblance between the designs of their lingerie and swimwear which is evident with the cut, fit and support it provides. Because of this, they already know what factors that are attracting their customers to buy their products. She said that the same thing can be said about the values they apply in working.

She said that the company is encouraging women to be comfortable in their own skin and not be sucked in by the whims of the society that there should be a certain body type when it comes to wearing the lingerie that they wanted. This is true even to women who are involved in water sports when they are choosing their swimwear such as women’s surf swimwear.