Now that the world has reached the digital age and the Internet has taken over many aspects of human life, it only makes sense for businesses to go online as well. With over 3.17 billion Internet users all over the world, the Internet provides unfathomable opportunities for businesses. However, this doesn’t mean that every online business is bound to succeed. No, in order to succeed, businesses must utilize effective Internet marketing strategies that would help them become visible in the Internet. In a vast network filled with big competitions, visibility is the key to sustainability and success.

In order to achieve a successful online marketing strategy, a business would need the following components:

  1. Effective Website Design. Sure, you may have built a functioning website for your business. But the question is: was it built for you or for your potential clients? You should know that is a website isn’t easily navigable and if it doesn’t load quickly, potential customers would leave in a matter of seconds. That is why your website should always be tailored towards the needs of your clients and not just to look cool and presentable. It would need various call-to-actions and incorporate the necessary keywords that people will use to find your content and increase your rankings in the browsers.
  2. According to studies, companies that blog get around 55% more visitors to their websites which increases the likelihood for conversions and profit. Just remember that when you blog, it should be relevant to your trade. For example, you run a website that is similar to Pro TEFL, then you should make blogs related to TEFL or teaching English as a foreign language. Make your blogs easy to share and easy to interact with.
  3. Social Media. Social media presence is necessary for businesses to succeed that is why you should join social media platforms and start building a presence there.
  4. Email Marketing. This allows you to build good relationships with those that are subscribed to you by regularly sending them updates regarding your business and even discounts.

Aside from these four, there are also other complex components like SEO or search engine optimization and Analytics.