It is not a secret that many companies that are producing unhealthy foods, tobacco and alcohol are using digital marketing in order to target young people. Digital marketing is used by almost all businesses and professionals such as best financial adviser because this modern tool guarantees positive results.  Unfortunately, digital marketing can also influence young people who are using the internet. This is reason why the WHO European Region’s stakeholders and experts are trying to employ modern technology in order to combat this method to avoid the harmful effects of the products on kids and teenagers.

Last June, the Office for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases, a department of WHO European Region hosted an event to discuss new technologies that utilize digital methods such as virtual environments, mobile marketing, social media, location targeting, online games and personal profiling.

One of the main goals of the event is to develop an innovative online tool that can be used by governments all over the region to track as well as limit the inappropriate digital marketing and make sure the younger generations are protected from these marketing ploys. It is also the aim of WHO Europe to provide national support to member states in order to reach their ultimate goal which is to combat this issue which is considered to be health challenge all over the globe.

In the past few years, large industries are known to target children as well as adolescents using their digital marketing tools. This is accomplished by making these young people feel that they belong and they have a purpose – a false promise. If it goes on without any intervention, the health of the younger generation could be in jeopardy as they could develop noncommunicable diseases.

These children and adolescents are using the internet in order to complete tasks necessary for their education but the unnecessary advertising they see on their screen could create a distraction for them. The harmful marketing should be separated from the ones that are beneficial such as professional advertisements for best financial adviser because this is not considered a health risk for younger people.