Websites like can be used for a variety of things like blogging or selling sometimes both. The same with traditional or real-life stores, online stores cannot survive without customers to buy their products. That is why they heavily invest on marketing strategies to help them acquire lots of potential customers to increase their conversions. Always remember that the higher the traffic, the higher the conversions and if there are high conversions, there is also high profit.

Unfortunately, getting potential customers to your site is only the beginning. After that, you would have to stimulate them into making purchases and to do that; you can use an assortment of marketing devices.
Online marketing experts have revealed four marketing devices that you can use to stimulate purchases.

The like button can be described as somewhat a testimony. In real life, if your business gets a word of mouth recommendation from satisfied customers, it is likely that you will acquire more customers as you have been proven effective through their recommendations. Facebook has created a device that would have the same function albeit on an easier method. By clicking the “Like” button, people agree that you provide an effective service and that would help you stimulate further and future purchases.


When you use direct mail, you will be allowed to reach everyone in your area and with that, you can use direct mail to market your business to them. If you live in a heavily populated area, you can choose the people you will market to base on who is most likely to make business with you.

3. Coupons

How do coupons stimulate purchases? It’s quite simple really. When a potential customer is given a coupon, there is a high chance that he or she will make business with you before the coupon expires. It can serve as a call to action for potential customers.

4. Website
The website serves as your main base of operations in the online world. This is where you will be making most of your business processes. People search all kinds of things in the internet. When they search for something that is related to your business and you do not have a website, then you can miss out on big opportunities.