Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand, which is about the size of Singapore. Many tourists flock to Phuket to enjoy the pristine seawaters, white sand beaches and tropical mountains. Majority of the visitors prefer to stay in the central western coast of the island. Well known for the glorious sunsets and pure seawater, Nai Harn beaches and Prompthep Cape provides exclusivity, sophistication and opulence to all its visitors. If you want to experience the very best vacation, have yourself booked in a luxury 5 star resort in Phuket as your accommodation.

Luxury resorts in Phuket provide high quality services and facilities with specific attention to their guests. They personalize their services so that their guests are happy with it. For instance, they provide transport from the airport to your hotel. The rooms on where you will be booked are well decorated with great room temperature. For maximum luxury, you can have your own swimming pool and a panoramic view of the ocean.

If you stay in a luxury 5 star resort in Phuket, savour all the experiences that the resort can provide. You can enjoy an aromatherapy massage where you can relax from a body scrub and footbath. You may also want to take advantage of the hotel’s water sports provision. You can go diving, snorkelling or use windsurfing boards. You can also enjoy playing tennis at the hotel’s court. This should make your vacation in Phuket memorable.

If you are out for weddingsor romantic ceremonies, the luxury 5 star resort in Phuket is the perfect venue for the occasion. They make the best locations to have your guests fully enjoy the union of both you and your partner. However, if you are out for business meetings and special events, these may not be suitable places to hold them. You’ll be enticed to enjoy the beach umbrellas and seawater; hence, you lose concentration on where you are at.

If you want to know the rich cultural heritage of Phuket, have yourself booked in advance to avoid hassles. You may also want to taste a striking Thai cuisine so come early to the restaurant to have the best seats. If you want a safe nightlife, come in groups rather than being alone. Of course, you should never miss the spa for you to rest and relax.