In Perth, three Irish men had been imprisoned for taking part in a roof repair scam which aimed at seniors. They made the elderly believe that their homes required repairs from roofing in Sydney specialists.

Desmond O’Reilly (23), Thomas Kiely (19), and John Jason O’Brien (18) fooled people, mostly in their 90s, into believing that their roofs required repair. These men had a modus of climbing roofs that belonged to the elderly and approached the victims offering to fix them. This was known a scam as they chose who they wanted their victims were.

A certain man from Floreat just northwest of Perth lost around AU$22,000 from these culprits. They drove the victims to the bank to withdraw money. Once the Irish accommodation was raided at a caravan park in a suburb of Hazlemere last January, authorities found nearly $65,000 in cash. These were the money collected from the roofing in Sydney through duping people.

The three men were then charged and detained at the Yongah Hill Detention Center. Around 26 Irish people to include women and children were initially detained. However, they were later released and said to have left Australia.

According to Laurie Levy, district court judge, the scam the three Irish men were proven guilty of was a seasoned scheme to swindle and victimize elderly people. They had the nerve to fool these people and lured them out of their money.”

The judge also added that the three were neither the driving force of the scam as there were also others involved in the case. This was a specialized case that only brazen crooks can do for the elderly. It was such a misfortune that they made the roofing in Sydney some modus.

The mastermind O’Brien received a sentence of 13-months in jail, while O’Reilly and Kiely just got 8-months sentence. These guys were too young to commit a felony but deserved what they did to the elderly. This must not ever happen again especially that the elderlies are now in the prime years and spending the most of their lives. So this goes to saying never trust strangers for your roofing in Sydney and know well who’s doing them.