Gift bags are packaging materials associated with luxury items including electronics. Instead of simply putting the product in a packaging box, gift bags with a printed brand logo are used. As a result the gift bags are treasured by the buyer because packaging manufacturers have seen to it that they are made from quality but eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

Apple has many third-party accessory vendors and they are now being required to redesign the packaging for all their products so that it will look more like the Apple product. The memo is supposed to be internal but it was leaked Business Insider.

A report in July stated that they saw it coming. All the suppliers of bags, cases and other knick-knacks in the accessory sections of Apple stores will only be allowed to sell the Apple products if they use a white background with typefaces that have been approved by Apple. Product shots also have to conform to Apples preferred angles.

According to the memo, the policy affects Incase, Tech21, LifeProof, Sena, Logitech and Mophie. Apple also insists that companies use better quality materials for packaging. While a package redesign for iPhone case suppliers might not seem much, it is a move that is probably regarded as significant in the Apple Company. This is not surprising considering that Apple has always been fussy and careful about the look and design of its products. If compared to non-Apple suppliers, the accessories often look chaotic and cheap.

However, it is not easy to convince another company to degrade its own branding in favor of another. On the other hand, the memo of Apple will be advantageous for most vendors because their packaging will look more like Apple and it will make their customers more comfortable.

Over the past 6 months, Apple has been working with its partners in order to redesign their packaging. They want customers to have the same level of experience. Besides that, the new designs are expected to elevate the look and feel of their-party bags and cases while ensuring consistency across the brands. It will also make the accessory walls more visually appealing and easier to navigate.