Selling a house can be a challenging feat. Apart from the competition with other homes, the real estate market is also very variable. Even though the market fluctuates depending on a location and the whole industry, things are starting to be better for people selling homes for profit. According to the National Association of Realtors, home sales in the spring of 2016 are up to 6 percent in comparison to last year.

Each house sale is different, and this is the reason why it gets challenging to sell a home. If a home listing has gotten stale for a few months already, it is important to reconsider some factors to market the real estate right online or offline.

According to Bill Golden, a realtor for ReMax, price is the number one reason a home doesn’t get sold. He adds that home owners tend to be emotionally attached to their homes affecting their objectivity in terms of the house’s real value. Tracey Martin who is also a realtor mentions on the Realtor website that properties with great locations that do not sell have problems with the price. If a homeowner is using a realtor and everything has been tried in marketing and the property is presentable, the problem may be the realtor. This is according to Local Agent Finder.

Aside from the usual flyers, online marketing needs to be taken a step up. According to Local Agent Finder, a video added to an online listing plus professional photos help. In addition, a homeowner needs to pay attention to his property being staged. The photos should also showcase the best parts of a home free from clutter.

For properties that are in dire need to care and renovation, buyers tend to look the other way as they don’t want to spend time redecorating. A repaint goes a long way but extra efforts need to be done for larger issues.

When a home is clutter-free with the bath looking stunning with those Bathroom Vanity Units and have large, clean living spaces, it attracts prospective buyers compared to when things are cluttered and just lying around. For most of the time, decorations need to be removed especially since buyers have different tastes from sellers.