Pop-A-Lock Locksmiths has just recently opened up a new franchise in Chandler, Arizona and in order to further promote their newly established franchise in the area, the locksmith company has teamed up with Local Business Rockstar.

The locksmith industry is one that is marred with issues of scams but if there is one locksmith company you can rely on, it is Pop-A-Lock. This company has developed a great reputation in the years of its existence and has been proven to provide effective services that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Pop-A-Lock consists of highly trained individuals whose services are affordable.

Pop-A-Lock is currently the biggest group of locksmiths in the country with over 4,500 locations covered in the United States, Australia and Canada. Now, it would seem that Pop-A-Lock is now also expanding into the online sphere.
Local Business Rockstar is a locally known online company that helps businesses with advertisements so that a company is guaranteed to succeed. This team up would see to it the Pop-A-Lock is delivered via online to numerous Chandler residents. Local Business Rockstar has helped countless of small businesses before and their goal has always been to help companies expand their businesses to the online world.

Pop-A-Lock owner, Nick Luekenga, said that they have noticed that the number of people looking for them online continues to increase that is why having an online platform is becoming more and more relevant to their company. He also said that the company also wants to be better connected with other people.

With the launching of their online campaign, Pop-A-Lock will be introducing a new app that is downloadable via internet. The main purpose of this special app is to fight against scams and fraud.

Pop-A-Lock is just one of the many companies that turn to internet marketing to boost their business. In this age, the internet has dominated in almost every aspect of living. That is why it is important for businesses to deliver and promote their services in the online world. In fact, 79% of small and medium sized businesses say that internet marketing has been greatly effective.

Now if small businesses can benefit from internet marketing, what more can you expect if you integrate it with one of the nation’s leading locksmith companies?