Hal Coleman recently wrote a column in Pest Control Technology regarding his observations in the pest control industry after being active for forty-three years. He mentioned how he has seen several interesting trends developing and taking shape, with some good and some bad.

He wanted to single out one trend that has a major impact on a lot of pest control companies in terms of internet marketing.

Pest control companies marketing in the internet

In 1962, after Rachel Carson wrote the book entitled “Silent Spring,” where it indicated that pesticides and the use of it were ruining the planet and there is a need to stop using them, it started many controversies which resulted to the Environmental Protection Agency’s creation.

It also started to modify the way people regarded the pest control companies and industry.

With the environmental movement taking shape, a lot of PCOs started to re-think their advertisements and marketing strategies. They feared of being thought of as “the bad guys.” Several companies even modified their names to drop words like “exterminating” or “pest control” in favour of lesser direct titles like “pest solutions” or “pest services.”

However, Coleman thinks that this has a bad effect in sales for several companies.

He believes in a simple strategy, that is, asking people directly in order to know what they truly want. He wanted to know if people want “pest solutions” or “pest control.”

The terms people search for

Coleman used the Keyword Planner from Google, which is a tool that lets people enter key words or phrases to determine the number of times these are searched for in Google.

He found out that an average monthly search on Google for “pest control” is at 165,000, “exterminator” at 60,500, “pest solutions” at 880, “pest services” at 390, and “pest elimination” at 110.

He was able to establish that “pest control” versus “pest solutions” is searched for at an 187 to 1 average.

He concluded that it is very important for companies to sell in terms of a buyer’s language. A lot of consumers search for pest control and exterminators. This is what people speak.

This is a helpful information for companies that provides services for Rat Control in Sydney or pest control in other parts of the world.