B2B marketers recognize the fact that their database is their top assets which is essential in various processes such as generating leads through account-based marketing and operating cold call campaigns. It can provide the company with database marketing solution. The database must be always clean and contains only high-quality information to ensure an accurate pool of contact information. With this database, marketers will be able to make targeted segments that have a higher chance of making connections with the target consumers in a productive and meaningful manner.

One of the biggest challenges among B2B companies is to maintain the cleanliness and accuracy of their database. In fact, 49 per cent of organization admitted that they are planning to commit to this goal. Keeping track of all data is hard as there are a number of channels that funnel information their way such as predictive modeling, inbound marketing and artificial intelligence.

It is no longer enough to have a database that contains all the information of a contact but it is also essential that both data in sales and marketing platforms are combined to avoid repetitions. This will create a seamless experience for the customers. How do B2B optimize their database?

  • If various departments have access to the organization’s database, it is important to determine what should be recorded. Create a list of properties that data should have that all departments will be able to use.
  • In different departments, it cannot be avoided to have overlaps and redundancies. This is where simple organization comes on. Eliminate fields that are deemed unnecessary as a start of the clean-up process.
  • Every department or company must have an individual or team assigned to manage the data. In case new fields need to be entered, they will know who to contact and ask about the approval process.
  • There must be a protocol that anyone should follow when entering information on fields to make it searchable.Thus values should be specified to be consistent and to be able to find information using one keyword or phrase.

Database marketing solution is necessary to be able to make use of the data in marketing that will make the most of the information that the organization have. Companies and businesses should recognize that data management is a never-ending project and every user must be proactive in making sure it is complete, updated and secured.