The digital marketing pros for small businesses share top picks about the best ways to market products and services, for those with small budgets.

The top marketing strategies for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs)

Utilizing social media

HubSpot’s CMO Mike Volpe stressed the need for a small business to start utilizing social media. He added that social media provides twice the amount of marketing leads from direct mail, telemarketing or trade shows.

Volpe said to focus on a single social media platform that is engaged with the most by a specific business’ prospects and customers, and to begin creating a presence there.

Creating a Facebook page and using Facebook advertising

As stated by Tori Hoffman, a Potratz’ social media strategist, Americans spend a lot of time on social media which gives a great chance for SMBs to create a relationship with their fans through sharing of relevant content and interacting through liking and commenting.

Facebook advertising is very successful for ATS Mobile’s clients, according to Bob Bentz. The ads are seen in news feeds, so it’s very visible. He added that it is easy to target customers in those specific times they are likely to purchase, and that there is no long term commitment when a campaign is not getting favorable results.

Posting to Instagram and Pinterest

For those selling highly visual products and services, such as the food or bridal business, regularly posting images in Instagram and/or Pinterest helps especially since posting is free and there are large followings for both platforms.


According to Maren Hogan, the Red Branch Media’s chief marketing brain, blogging is one of the top marketing strategies for SMBs.

Hogan said that when clients and prospects are provided with non-salesy and informative content, the company and its team are able to quickly establish themselves as experts in a field.

It also helps with SEO Service.

As stated by the chief marketing scientist and president of Square 2 Marketing, Mike Lieberman, blogging at a minimum of two times each week increases a website’s ability to be visible in search engines. The more blogging done, the more traffic is gathered from Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is because of the fresh content to a site.

Business owners need to consider guest blogging, too. Susan Payton from Egg Marketing & Communications mentioned that this expands reach and shows off knowledge.