Selling Illustrated Maps online can be difficult because there are map apps like Waze and Google Maps that can be downloaded on the Smartphone for free. Gone are the days when folded paper maps were the only tools used for directions. However, the illustrated map is more than just an ordinary map; it is an aesthetic and artistic map that is the product of a cartographer’s creativity.

However, there are online marketing strategies that can easily gain the customer’s trust. The best long term marketing strategy is still content. While there other strategies that can be used to build traffic and increase sales quickly, it is only effective for short term. For a fixed amount of money, an online advertisement can be placed or an email message can be distributed to generate an immediate influx of customers.

Long term online marketing strategies require time and money. Results are not generated right way but you can expect higher and longer returns on investment with better capacity to sustain themselves. Content marketing is a long term strategy that will attract more traffic for a site and build trust and reputation for the brand within the target audience.

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Many people say that email marketing is no longer effective but it still has higher ROI than other marketing strategies. Although the results of email marketing take time, it is valuable in customer retention and attracting new customers.

While it makes sense to use the keyword Illustrated Maps in SEO marketing, it is also important to ensure that all details about the map are explained thoroughly in the website particularly since people today are only familiar with the free map apps that can be downloaded through mobile devices.