With the arrival of the internet, advertising and marketing strategies changed because they now have a medium that is more efficient than mass media. Online advertising has certainly fulfilled the optimistic predictions regarding its growth. With an estimated $600 billion spend on the advertising world every year, it is no longer surprising if online marketing strategies will overtake traditional TV and newspaper advertisements Advertisers also gained the ability to measure how much of their advertising expenses are being wasted.

However, not all news about online advertising is positive. Traditionally, consumers tolerated advertising particularly since it only wanted their attention focused on the free content that is provided in TV, newspapers, magazines and online platforms. However, according to a London-based digital consultancy, the online deal is quite different from other medium. Online users pay for advertisements through their attention and the increased prices for products and services due to high advertising costs incurred by the business.

Online advertising also impacts on the bandwidth of consumers because it is consumed by the advertisements. Bandwidth is purchased by consumers from their internet service providers and when it is consumed by the online advertisements, the value of the service is significantly reduced. For some online users, the advertisements intrude on their personal experience.

Online marketing is getting more intense because of stiff competition among businesses. As a result, consumers have started to fight back by using ad blocking software to block online advertisements. According to PageFair, an Irish consultancy firm, about 200 million internet users and 420 million Smartphone owners have installed the ad blocking software. This is bad news for the online advertising industry because they are facing lost revenues, something they have not hoped for. Even without the software, online advertisements are facing the challenge of bots or programs used to trawl websites and collect emails.

Advertisers need to overcome the challenges by providing online consumers with quality content that will bring them the best possible benefits. If the business is not particularly skilled at producing interesting and informative content, the option is to work with content marketing in Melbourne for a more customized strategy.

Online Advertising Promo Video from Rich Hinchcliffe on Vimeo.