The previous years 2015 and 2016 have been rather good for internet marketing. However, the industry should not rest on its laurels because transformations are required for advancement. For the year 2017, it is important for entrepreneurs to prepare themselves for changes in internet marketing techniques.

Live video streaming

In order to achieve successful lead generation, entrepreneurs must have the foresight to anticipate changes and plan ahead for coming trends. The key to success in online marketing is to remain competitive. Because of social media, consumers have become more demanding of real time content particularly of world events. Because of fast internet and the capabilities of the latest Smartphone, live videos and news feeds have become rather common. Live streaming is now the current trend and should be utilized by brands that want to maintain their online presence.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality has been applied by the military and some industries. In 2012, augmented reality has expanded to entertainment and commercial industries. Last year, powerful mobile devices have allowed augmented reality to be used as a learning aid. The enthusiasm for the technology proves that there is an audience interested to experience augmented reality not only in games but apps. The technology provides a great potential for marketing revenues.

Data visualization

Data is very important to marketers because it provides the necessary information on what consumers are buying, when they buy the product and why they purchase the item. However, the problem is the difficulty in analyzing and decoding data. There is a vast amount of raw data that needs technology to be comprehended by humans. Businesses need the tools to decode data to bring them significant advantages.

Internet marketing strategies for 2017 are expected to be more sophisticated with data analysis getting better. While traditional lead generation remains effective, it is important to find new ways to gain the attention of bored consumers.

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