Coinbase is the leading bitcoin exchange and platform thus it comes as no surprise that their new revelation is expected to have merchants consider transactions with bitcoins. Coinbase is known to be an expert when it comes to digital currency such as bitcoin and they have launched various features in order to make merchants accept bitcoins in transactions.

According to the company, the new feature is considered to be very simple but it is practical as well as favorable to the merchant thus it will be easier for them to accept and trust bitcoin as a payment method in comparison to other fiat payments that are done in electronic means and other methods. The feature will also add to the integrity of the bitcoin as a digital currency. There are even various features that will be beneficial to bitcoins and what it has to offer compared to other competing fiat currencies.

One of the most eye-catching featuring is the Partial Refunds. With the feature, merchants now have the ability to refund only a small part of a large transaction. For example, they will be able to refund the fee that was incurred after an item has been taken out of an order list that contains many other items. Many of the e-commerce sites that receive payment through payment cards are known to cancel an entire order of a customer and then they will send a request for the customer to fill out a new order form. Small transactions and the fact that there are no charges in case of roll back is one of the best things about digital currencies. With the help of this feature, more merchants will be willing to accept bitcoins as a payment.

Coinbase has also launched a feature that will fix the problem of overpayments and one of the most requested one from merchants. There are changes in the legacy system of the bitcoin company as it is now able to process overpaid orders without intervention from the merchant. With these additional features, a clear message is sent to all merchants which is bitcoin is secure.