Materials such as plastic, glass, metal, paper, electronics and cloth are handled by the recycling industry.

Many people may have seen a logo having three green arrows designed like a circle and sometimes, with three Rs. The three Rs mean reduce, reuse and recycle. The green also resemble the “Go Green” movement that focuses on saving the environment through recycling, reusing or reducing. The main goal is to be able to decrease energy costs, air and water pollution and the use of raw materials.

A billion dollar industry

This is a billion dollar industry, and it is also expected to continually increase in years. There is also a heavy competition. This is not only about revenue that businessmen are after.

The recycling industry abides with the strict laws and the guidelines set by the government. In some states, there are other rules and regulations that need to be followed.

Whatever the laws and rules are, people always have something they can recycle. Food or waste can be made to compost and used as fertilizer, therefore putting back to the ground and helping the environment. By recycling, the environment improves as well as remain stable for the future.

Marketing a recycling company

There is really no specific training or education requirement needed for a person who wants to start a recycling company. However, it is a good idea to learn about the environment and the laws regarding waste and recycling. It is also helpful to study about the agencies that make the laws.

Business marketing is also part of having a recycling company. To begin advertising a recycling business is to tell people what the business is about, what the business does and why the business does it.

Online marketing is such an excellent platform. Social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram gets the message out especially when made in conjunction with methods like telemarketing and print advertising.

A recycling company can also build a website to inform people about the benefits of recycling or to showcase a product that lessen waste such as a plastic shredder. The internet is a great marketing platform, offers countless ways to do so and reaches a lot of people.