The festive season can make or break some brands. Several brands are spending greater on flashy television ads and campaigns in order to reach the shoppers on the coming Christmas season. However, not all brands have the budget to do this.


What steps are done to make sure a brand is in a shopper’s wish list?


Emotive content


Marketing campaigns have to start conversations and continue doing so after seeding. The best thing to do is use emotions. Sainsbury’s Mog and John Lewis’ Man on the Moon television commercials are great examples of those capitalising on human emotion.


Even though the campaigns were successful in getting millions of media impressions, these are somehow vague whether they stimulate buyers for a purchase, choose a brand over another or just leave that warm and fuzzy feel.


Creative SEO strategies


Online shopping accounts for 27% of UK’s whole retail market. A clever SEO strategy is important to help search engines recommend and index a website. Marketers should make sure that their online content provides answers to trending questions. Smart content that makes use of assets established in research will have useful information getting ahead of others. More importantly, it helps drive traffic to a website while growing conversions.


Mobile friendly


Some 39% of people make use of mobile phones as their way of researching for products or services. By the end of 2016, it is predicted that purchases from smartphones will reach $1.915 trillion around the world. With this in mind, it is important that these mobile users are having a great experience on a website. Considering geo-tagging for real time ads provides meaningful insights on things that people need during the holiday season.


Effectively showing off products online


Marketers need to make sure all their products show in the feed including their names and prices. Each product should be on its own line with images and texts being “crawlable” for them to be indexed and discovered.




Given the average household spending of £800 for Christmas shopping and now that individuals are looking for Christmas party ideas where they spend on gifts, food and drinks and so on, marketers will really need to do planning earlier on, set clear goals and make sure channels are working simultaneously.