When buyers shop for themselves, it is a relatively easy decision. They normally go online and search for what they want to buy. They use specific keywords to search for what they want. They also opt to go to malls and visit physical stores to look for these items. However, looking for gifts to be given to family members, friends or partners is harder for these buyers especially during the holiday season. They want to give the best, if not the perfect, gifts. With this, business owners may find it hard to sway buyers using just their normal marketing methods and schemes.

Shopping for other people needs education and inspiration for most. Buyers don’t just buy the first thing they see. Even if it is an Ugly Christmas Sweater, they still need proof that what they chose is good enough. This is where social media comes in. Social media offers this proof buyers are looking for. Business owners and marketers need to showcase their products and goods using customer photos especially during the holidays. When this genuine content is coupled with marketing by word of mouth, it serves a multiple purpose for both the business owner and the buyer.

For example, when a buyer is to buy a gift for a loved one and is presented with thousands of options, it becomes too difficult for him. The buyer needs to find inspiration to help in his decision. It is extremely beneficial to see a product conceptualized into a real person for the buyer to see how it looks in someone real. Showing the social proof is more valuable especially during the holiday shopping season when the buying behavior is more heightened.

Business owners need to integrate the inspiration factor into their websites. “Gifts for her” or “Gifts for him” are examples of this inspiration-focused recommendations. This can guide buyers through the process.

Social media is also a means to showcase the other uses of a product. Example is a yoga ball that can also be used as an office chair. Social content helps buyers see a versatility of a product. And, buyers need to see that.