Marketers should look beyond their current marketing campaigns and plan ahead for their holiday marketing campaigns.

Although it seems too soon to look into holiday marketing campaigns since it is still summer, long term preparation is necessary to succeed during the shopping season. Thanksgiving until New Year is when consumers shop a lot and competition is tough for marketers especially when unprepared. Intelligent marketers know that preparation is key to gear up for the holiday marketing. So, even though it is still far off until November and Black Friday, preparation for holiday marketing needs to be started and groundwork to be done earlier.

Now, more than ever, in the age of technology and mobile convenience, everything is done easily and efficiently. Product launching, holiday messaging, campaign targeting and promotional scheduling plans have conveniently shifted to becoming easier with the internet and technology advancements. Businesses and marketers need to take full advantage of this.

Making use and taking advantage of research done through mobile phones is a great resource for the planning process of marketing. Mobile surveys reach a wider audience whether locally or internationally. These also allow for people to actively participate at their own convenience and pace. Mobile surveys are also shorter and more optimized. As most people are also on their phones, this enables quicker connection than other platforms.

Mobile surveys provide insight on a customer’s preferred marketing and communication channel. This is a great way to discover customers’ likes or dislikes, their perceptions and opinions and how to better serve their buying and purchasing needs. The feedback received from these surveys can help in optimizing a business or online store front for shoppers in the holiday season. Between 70 to 90 percent of startup businesses and products fail due to the lack of proven research. Businesses, whether startups or not, need to consider research data to better serve their customers and buyers. So whether the business is focused on Technology like computers or phones or Entertainment like movies or TV Store Online, making use of mobile surveys to gather data is an effective means to predict what sells and what is on demand for the upcoming holiday season.