Several law firms have gone hipster in order to impress their clients and keep their staff happy.

Different firms embracing different styled spaces

Maddocks, a new office in Collins Square, Melbourne, has a barista bar and a 2-storey wintergarden, which has WiFi, spaces in and out for interaction.

The cafe and other areas were designed for client use, aside from a space where lawyers mingle with each other. Sparke Helmore progressed to a hospitality style set up over Christmas. They now have a welcoming and a collaborative office layout, according to Bates Smart’s managing director of architecture, Simon Swaney.

A law firm fit-out usually costs around $1800 – $3500 per square meter. An average firm is around 5000 – 8000 square meters.

Mr Swaney mentioned that the law firms were checking the creative and the hospitality sectors for inspiration on designs which engage clients, help retain staff and create a sense of well-being.

They also wanted to offer spaces and facilities for rest and relaxation from the long work hours. They were also concerned about renovations not dating quickly to save on costs, according to Mr Swaney.

In Brisbane, DLA Piper moved into a 2850 square meter location. Jim Holding, the managing partner of DLA Piper Brisbane, said that the move to a big, one floor location offered a more flexible working environment.

Mr Holding added that their office had the latest technologies for virtual meetings, as well as a huge open plan function space, quiet rooms, break zones, offices and workstations.

Perth’s justice community benefited from the David Malcolm Justice Centre’s new opening that included new courts, judicial chambers, departmental offices, and meditation and hearing rooms. It also has the latest Western Australia Supreme Courts.

Wayne Martin, Western Australian chief justice, mentioned that the precinct has new technology, more light wood and also airiness.


This shows how a change in the design or style shifts employees’ perspective of its office spaces. Whether a firm is looking to embrace a new style or to add new furniture items to reinvent an office, services from a company that offers office fit-outs or from an Office Furniture Brisbane will help achieve that change.