For those enjoying their stay in one of the city centre hotels in Inverness and worrying about how to stay connected, updated and informed, there’s good news. Inverness’ city centre is now the recipient and beneficiary to a new, free Wi-Fi service.

The service, dubbed Ness Wi-Fi, provides the city’s centre with free Wi-Fi access without any time limit. The project officiallylaunched in February of 2017, and is currently looking for areas within the city centre to expand to, according to the Highland Council. If the expansion goes through, the service will reach areas in the city centre as far as Eden Court and the Northern Meeting Park.

The first phase of the project provided, and is currently providing fast internet coverage within a selected pilot area within Inverness’ city centre, including the areas of Victorian Market and its surrounding streets.

The other city centre hotels in Inverness will be receiving the service as it expands during the summer of 2017.

The project was initially funded with £500,000 received from the Inverness and Highlands City-Region Deal, and lead by the Highlands Council. Recently, the project received additional founding from the Inverness Council’s Inverness City Region Deal, amounting to £315M.

This new project was officially announced in March of 2016 by the Highland Council, in cooperation with the Scottish and British governments, and involves direct funding from the respective parties.

Early during the project’s implementation, Inverness made a state via its Provost, Helen Carmichael, who stated the company’s delight at seeing this new, and, more importantly, helpful project go underway. The benefits of free, fast and reliable internet connection will be extremely useful for the city centres’ people, both local residents as well as the shoppers, tourists and businesses that frequent it.

She states that the idea behind the City-Region Deals is turn Inverness and the Highlands into a region of digital opportunity. The Ness Wi-Fi project’s implementation meant that Inverness became one of the few cities in the UK with a free Wi-Fi service.

The Highland Council is currently working on expanding the project’s boundaries, and has said that they are investigating the potential for free Wi-Fi services in towns across the Highland region.