2016 was a good year for internet marketing. However, it is better to be prepared for any changes in 2017. There are businesses that are prepared to meet any sudden changes because they have the foresight to plan ahead. There are also businesses that stay ahead of their competitors because they study the trends. To continue being competitive in the industry, check out these online marketing trends that will dominate 2017.

  1. Live video – has been on an upwards streak two years ago but during the last presidential elections, it was able to draw millions of viewers. Internet users demand for more in-the-moment content because they have faster internet and videos can easily be accessed through their mobile devices.
  2. Data visualization tools – data is the lifeblood of marketers. It is important to be well informed on who’s buying what, when, why and what type of messaging is effective. Data visualization tools will interpret and analyze data to be understood and used effectively.
  3. Native advertising – many brands have been using native advertising to gain natural-looking visibility. Native advertising can catch the attention of consumers who ignore most types of conventional advertising.
  4. Target a more specific niche – online marketing is crowded with different techniques and strategies. Millions of businesses have been launched online to gain a slice of the pie. If a business targets a more specific niche, it will appeal to a narrower range of demographics that opt for personal level content and campaigns.
  5. Immersive experience – Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two of the technologies that are driving immersive experience. However, there are other ways to provide consumers with this experience like 360 videos or live webinars and workshops that encourage interaction. People must feel that they part of something big.

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