The internet has created a lot of opportunities for businesses to market their product or service effectively; however, there are some basic tenets of marketing that businesses tend to ignore because most of the strategies they are using are focused on technology. There are important factors that have to be given focus because they have stood the test of time.

One of the most important factors in an online marketing strategy is determining the target audience. After determining the target audience, the next step is to determine their expectations. Asking questions about the strategy can be critical particularly when starting a new project. For example, if the internet marketing strategy involves the use of social media, is the campaign on increasing Twitter followers a priority? If content marketing is the chosen strategy, will it increase leads and build the brand? There is a myriad of strategies that can be considered but it has to focus on the target audience.

Marketing is always about personalization. With massive automation, keeping marketing personal can be a challenge; however, it should always prevail in order to acquire and retain loyal customers. When the marketing strategies use personal touch, it creates an emotional connection. The millennial audience in particular is looking for personal connection to the brand. For example, a local pub must know the customer’s favorite location or the favorite drink so that it can effectively address the needs of the customer. It is human nature to seek for that human touch even with the technological advances in marketing and communication.

Content will always remain king; however, it is critical for a business to develop quality content regardless of the industry. Content has emerged as a part of online marketing strategies but is can be time consuming. For example, a service provider can outsource the job to a competent individual who can easily create quality and relevant content.

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