Unlike before, there are now many ways by which a business can be marketed. The challenge comes in choosing the best marketing method to use especially if you have a small business with limited resources and money. Marketing with the use of social media is free but it requires a lot of time as well as using a blogging platform. Traditional methods of marketing, on the other hand, such as print and digital advertising are quite costly. What is the best marketing method for a small business? Here are some tips:

  • If you have a small business then one of the best marketing methods to use is blogging. The aim of the blog is to provide clients and interested customers information regarding the product or services you are providing without sales pitching your business. These blogs can be promoted in social media platforms and may be used by other networks as well. With the blog’s popularity, your business will now be considered an expert in the field you are in. Not to mention, it can also have a positive impact on your business’ SEO.
  • If you are not tapping into social media platforms then now is the time to do so. According to research, the marketing leads with the use of social media are twice of that when using other advertising methods such as direct mail, trade shows and telemarketing. There are a lot of social media platforms these days and the best thing to do is to pick one where there customer engagement is the highest. Focus on that one platform and build your name in there. Your engagements should not only be frequent but must be relevant as well.
  • If you have a small business then having a Facebook page is important. Research has shown that majority of the consumers spend their time on social media platforms especially Facebook thus interaction is easier in order to create a relationship with the clients. Another good thing about Facebook is its advertising option. If you have a motorcycle parts and accessories business, you can invest in advertising through Facebook and reach more customers.