With tools like Google Analytics, marketers have the opportunity to track how a visitor arrived at the website whether from offline sources or internet of things sources, how long the visitor stayed on the site and the type of content or keywords that made the visitor stay on the site longer.

However, when you review the data accumulated, the breadth of information available can be rather overwhelming particularly if you are unsure on which data is important for the site. One of the most important pieces of data is bounce rate. If a large number of visitors navigate away after viewing one of your pages, you have a problem. This means you have to optimize the certain page with more engaging and relevant content like videos to encourage the visitor to dig deeper.

If you will look closely at the geographic breakdown on where your site’s traffic comes from, you can analyze potential new markets. Take a look at traffic and conversion so that you will identify the countries where you can expand.

Some of your pages may be generating traffic, conversions and results. From the data you can determine which of your content is resonating with your target audience. Once you have identified the content, create more of it so that your pages will generate the same results.

Within the model comparison tool section, you will find the data attribution point which will allow you to gain better insight on which channels are assisting conversions. The “last interaction” is the default attribution but you can also use “first interaction” to understand how each channel has assisted in generating conversions.

Knowing whether website traffic is coming from paid or organic sources will provide a huge insight to future online marketing strategies. You will know which ad buys are driving traffic and what blogs are generating leads.

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