If you are just starting your career as an illustrator or photographer, you need an awesome portfolio in order to attract clients. Before the rise of the internet, designers must manually create their portfolios to present to clients during interviews. Nowadays, it is no longer necessary because you can easily make your portfolio online. As an illustrator creating illustrated maps, a portfolio on your website is a free way to market your skills online to clients. Here is a simple guide on how to create the winning design portfolio.

  • You may have a huge collection of all the illustrated maps you have created but it does not mean that you have to upload everything in your portfolio. Devote a small amount of time ad go through everything you have created. Do not include artworks that you think are not good enough or does not belong to your best works category. Your prospective client does not have the time to go through all your work so make sure you make their time count by showcasing only the best.
  • Make sure to prioritize your best works. These are artworks that speak strongly about your mad skills. These are the maps you have created and everyone around you has something good to say about. Arrange these strong artworks in a way that will make viewers want to see more of your work.
  • Do not be afraid to show the unique side of you mirrored through your works. Showing something out of the usual is one way to catch the client’s attention. Make sure to couple to choose something unique as well as creative.
  • For your illustrations, provide a variety of samples for your clients to see. Do not upload maps that are almost the same in form and design but make sure all the pieces reveal a single artist behind it.
  • Always choose quality over quantity therefore choose a minimum of 10 artworks but do not upload over 20 pieces. The main goal behind it is to make sure viewers will see all the illustrated maps in your portfolio without clicking away because there are too many that they got overwhelmed.