You can easily find a Marquee in Perth with a few clicks on the internet. However, there are some things that need to be considered in hiring one. Renting tents or marquee is not that difficult. You only have to consider a few things to get the right marquee for your occasion. Here are some of the things to consider.


Marquees are generally made of vinyl, polyethelyne and Polyester. Vinyl is the most expensive among the three but it is suitable for heavy duty applications, it is also weather resistant and offers long term durability. If you are going to purchase a brand new marquee, the material should be an utmost consideration. However, even if you are just going to rent a marquee, you should still consider the material to ensure that it could withstand weather disruptions and heavy rains.


Your occasion should also have something to do with the design of your Marquee in Perth. There are marquees suitable for weddings and casual occasions such as family reunions and birthdays but if you are going to have a wedding, choose a marquee that can be customized so you can include the design you have in mind on the marquee. You should consider whether the design of your marquee would be traditional or contemporary. After you arrive at a decision, you should then choose the decors that you will include inside your marquee.


The size of your marquee would depend on the number of your guests. You should also factor in the equipment and other amenities included in your party such as the dance floor, stage, buffet table and extra table for your unexpected guests.  There are different sizes of marquee that you can choose including the designs. You only have to pick the right service provider to ensure high quality service. There are Marquee in Perth contractors that offer free delivery and set up while there are those who charge extra for delivery if the location is already far from where the supplier is. Look for a contractor that has high ratings from customers.