There are certain hair extensions that can be easily applied even at home and with the help of hair experts and professionals. Clip in hair extension, for instance does not require the owner to go to a salon such as Russian Delux Hair Boutique and have it attached to the hair since it can be applied in a few minutes can be removed in seconds. However there are hair extension types that are much complicated for a person who only wants more hair volume and style. Also, there are hair extension applications that require special materials and training by the hair specialist to successfully attach the hair extension. Some of these hair extension applications that require professional handling include wefted or bonded, strand by strand micro link applications and strand by strand fusion application. When choosing a hair salon that would apply your hair extension, you can check on the following tips:

Ask for service availability

The first thing you should check from the Russian Delux Hair Boutique is if they provide hair extension application service. If so, find out if they provide the type of installation that you have in mind including the price. You also might want to know the application process involved and the type of materials that they use for the attachment of hair extension. If possible, choose hair specialist that utilize water base adhesives and materials that has the least possible damage to scalp and your natural hair. Take note that hair extension can be semi-permanent or could last for up to a year or 2-3 years. Therefore, the hair extension specialists would use materials to keep the hair extension in firmly in place.

Read customer review

To ensure that you will be satisfied with the service, read reviews of Russian Delux Hair Boutique and find out what their current and previous customers have to say about their experience with the hair salon.

Compare prices

Before you set up an appointment, check from at least three hair specialists on how much they collect for the hair extension application service that you have in mind.