If you are an interior designer planning to market your business online through the use of Search Engine Optimization or SEO, the field could be a challenge since there is a lot of competition and some are into larger markets. It is the most common problems faced by designers as they don’t have too much time to spend on online marketing. They are always busy meeting clients, designing spaces as well as contacting contractors from abroad. Local SEO is important to make sure that you have more visibility with prospective clients. Here are some techniques an interior designer could apply in SEO.

  • Using the best keywords is important in marketing a business. Many people in this kind of industry are using the modern term for the business name in order to categorize themselves in the market. The most common modern term is Interior Designers but there are also other states wherein the old term is still in use which is Interior Decorator. To know which best fits your local marketing, do your research on what term in commonly searched online.
  • The Homepage and Contact Page should have the company information. It is vital to state the company name, business address and phone number used to contact the company. It should be displayed in plain text so as not to confuse the reader and it should be placed in both pages – homepage and contact page.
  • List your business in different online directories. If you just started your interior design firm then it is important to get your name listed in different online directories. People will not know about your business unless you list it somewhere they can be seen. Not being included in the directories, there is also little chance for your business to rank higher in local searches.

Share images through social media platforms that focus on photos such as Instagram and Pinterest. These are the most common sites that are browsed everyday by online users. There is a higher chance of your work being seen and your business being known in the process. If you do Interior Design Bangkok (ออกแบบตกแต่งภายใน ในกรุงเทพและ) , local searches will be able to show off images from your previous works.