Out of all the states in America, California leads when it comes to diversity because businesses in this state are willing to employ anyone regardless of their age. The workforce is composed of individuals from different generations and it is the challenge for employers to engage the in the chance to have a heath care benefits because of the current issues in the industry including increase in costs, the legislation being changed and the system getting more complex. This is also a challenge for insurance company to be able to launch insurance marketing campaigns that will make employers aware of the choices they have for their workers.

According to the Sutter Health Plus’ VP of strategic sales and marketing, Monica Majors, the employer will not be able to use a single approach when marketing the health care benefits to their workers. There is a big chance that the employee will choose a benefit that is not suitable for them or for their families. There is also the risk that the healthcare benefits given by their employer will not be fully appreciated.

Majors added that it will be a good path for HR professionals to use the approach of marketers when creating an engagement plan. In the marketing industry, it is common to categorize each audience ant conduct consumer research as well as feedback in order for them to know what they wanted, what they needed and also their motivations. This all should be done before implementing the strategy.

Major also emphasized the importance of insurance marketing campaigns catered for every generation in a multi-generation workforce. There are the millennials which are young consumers born from 1981 until 2000. They expect that their health care will be as easy as online shopping. Another generation of workforce is the Gen X which are individuals born from 1965 until 1980. They expect their health care experience to be the same when shopping locally. Baby boomers are those born from 1946 until 1964 and this is the generation that did not experience the internet growing up. This does not mean that they cannot adapt because study shows that they are embracing technology and is tech-savvy as well thus health care experience should be catered accordingly.