Many businesses are now using YouTube as part of their online marketing strategies. In order to ensure that the YouTube video will be interesting to online users, it is important to tell a unique and interesting story. It can be rather difficult to make people excited about a YouTube video but some businesses have found ways to influence the target audience with their buying decisions.

One example is NBN or National Broadband Network that has teamed up with Australia’s original bachelor Tim Robards to release a series of workout videos in YouTube for NBN’s online marketing. Initially, the strategy certainly makes sense particularly since Robards is a personal trainer with his own personal fitness business, the Robards Method. Since more and more people are turning to technology for their fitness programs instead of gyms, the strategy undertaken by NBN has the capability to attract a big audience.

According to NBN, the millennial population is somehow intimidated by gyms and yet they desire beautiful bodies in preparation for summer. Bachelor Tim has signed up with NBN for a series of Virtual Trainer workout films. The half-hour exercise routines are designed to be watched over NBN. The videos can be streamed in the comforts of the home as long as there is fast broadband. In addition to the actual sessions on YouTube, Robards will also be appearing in a couple of commercial advertisements to promote NBN and the importance of having fast internet connections to access a whole new world of fitness possibilities.

The YouTube videos of Robards are great but people do not need NBN to watch a video that has a maximum bitrate of 8 mbps. Online users know that they can watch a YouTube video with half-decent ADSL at home or through cable connection. The videos are effective for those who desire to be physically fit but not for NBN.

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