With the help of Google’s search engine optimization, two brothers made a company making $15 million annually by selling ugly Christmas sweaters. The brothers, Fred and Mark Hajjar, are owners and founders of a clothing company. Their business is quite successful seeing how it has made $3.5 million worth of revenues last 2014. One would think that they are good in design because of their niche but the two has no background in fashion and design. They were able to study the craft when their business started.

Though their success may send off a message that they are good in designing ugly Christmas sweaters, the brothers revealed how they are able to reach their point of success – with the help of Google’s search ranking.

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique known to many online sellers as well as online businesses. It is the process of making your site more optimized in order for it to appear in the tops ranks whenever someone searches for keywords that are related to your website or business. There are various ways in which a site can be search engine optimized and one should have enough knowledge regarding how Google systems works and how links and sites can be used in order to gain more visitors.

It is no wonder that SEO has captured many businesses’ attention and hiring an SEO manager has become a prerequisite in order to make it big in the online business. Appearing on the first page of search engine ranks has quite an impact to many companies. According to a survey, 94 per cent of sample internet users prefers to visit sites in the first page rather and does not bother visiting any other pages in the search results.

This is what Fred Hajjar understood and used it to their company’s advantage. His background in computer engineering has also proven to be very helpful. It was 1999 when he started giving interest on eBay and how fast e-commerce is evolving. At this point, he knows the trade but has no idea what products to sell. After discovering the need and demand for ugly Christmas sweaters, now the company has 35 employees and has been in the business for 15 years.