Ever since it came alive in the Internet, Facebook, one of the commonly-used social media pages in the world right now is continuing on its course in changing the way we share with other people. In fact, it has gone from allowing people to share whatever that it’s currently going through inside their mind, to sharing digital files to allowing people to connect and reconnect with old friends whom  they have not seen in years and, allowing people to do business with their respective clients who are active users of Facebook. In addition to this, the smart people behind Facebook have decided to add some useful features aside from the “What’s on your mind?” question which can be seen upon logging into your Facebook account. Some of the features are the ability to make video calls through the Facebook messenger, something that you cannot with other types of social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram. Speaking of the all-mighty Facebook messenger, Facebook has come with an additional feature for the messenger that can be helpful especially for negotiation skills training.


Earlier this month, Facebook has added a revolutionary feature for their messenger: the AI Chatbots. These bots can now use its unique ability to negotiate and also compose their own sentences when having negotiations. According to the experts, they see this revolutionary new feature added by Facebook for their messenger as the future and in fact, such feature will become crucial to Facebook in general especially in the long haul. In addition to this, Facebook-based researchers have already made the code that they used for the AI Chatbots in open source so that other program developers can use the code to build their own bots with the same set of capabilities. The AI Chatbots in Facebook Messenger can be helpful for people who are need to undergo negotiation skills training because these said bots have the ability not just to start a negotiation but also to finish a negotiation with a Facebook user or, their fellow AI Chatbots. In fact, Facebook researchers have been able to teach their bots how to negotiate in the same manner how humans would negotiate and end them with a compromise.