The social media nowadays has become an alternative channel for everyone for basically doing everything. To begin with, the social media is basically the channel for people who wish to share anything that they wish to share with other people in their friends’ or followers’ list. And since we are now living in the digital age wherein everything can almost be found and be done in the social media, almost all industries have been flocking the social media such as Facebook and Twitter and take full advantage of the marketing perks they can enjoy in terms of reaching out to potential new clients who will avail products and services from their respective businesses. Among those industries who have been booming as of late thanks to the emergence of the social media is the wet and dirty industry in which an emergency plumber belongs to, the plumbing industry. To begin with, anyone is prone to experience sudden plumbing problems especially during the wee hours of the night when most professional plumbers are sleeping. Now, in any unfortunate case that you have a strongly leaking pipe inside your bathroom and it cannot wait until the morning, then that’s the time you call for help from a plumber that can deal with such emergency situations.

Now, in case you want to be a plumber, specifically to be an emergency plumber, a plumbing company in London is giving young people a golden chance to secure a spot on its famous apprenticeship program just by using the power of the social media. The CEO of the said company has issued a challenge to young adults aged 16 to 19 years old to impress him and his company via Facebook, Twitter or, Instagram. Application can be done by posting on the company’s official Facebook page on June 19 and June 30 with the corresponding hashtag, #PickMeCharlie and a 100-word explanation as to why the company should choose them for the said paid apprenticeship program. You can also do so by posting a 30-second video on Twitter or Instagram by using the same hashtag line. The lucky winner will be able to take advantage of the full apprenticeship program that will last for 3 years.