Online marketing technologies have the ability to reach consumers based on their online behaviour. Relevant advertising can be shown, click-through rates can be monitored and clicks can generate conversions.

This is the reason why marketers do not reduce their investment on search and social platforms like Facebook and Google. The two giant platforms controlled 54% of global online advertising in 2016, a 44% increase from 2015. Based on figures that were released by MAGNA in December 2016, marketers are expected to spend $299 billion annually on online advertising by 2021 which is equivalent to almost a half of the marketing budget.

In spite of Mark Zuckerberg’s encouragement to move fast with stable infrastructure, digital media platforms and brands continue to spend money on advertising. Last month, Marc Pritchard, the chief marketing officer of Procter and Gamble seemed to listen to Zuckerberg’s tone down motto by suggesting that P&G is being distracted by new methods of internet marketing leading to poor ad placement which is definitely a waste of money.

P&G has announced a five-point plan that will clean up their media supply chain. P&G believed the myth that they should be the first mover on the latest online marketing strategies even with the lack of standards, measurement and verification.

According to Jon Wilkins, the executive chairman of Karmarama, many marketers have indeed fallen into the trap thinking that there is a gold rush of getting first in the new marketing environment without thinking of the possible consequences. Wilkins said that it is important to understand what the consumer wants.

There is a lot of evidence that consumers have negative feelings towards advertisements that follows you on the internet and stops you from getting to the desired content. Marketers must be cautious with digital advertising since customers do not like screen invasions where content suddenly pop-ups on the website or article they are browsing.

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